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How much should I invest for a watch?

How much should I invest for a watch?


Spending on a watch might be a bad idea to some people while it may also be one of the greatest decision for others. Notwithstanding, deciding to invest in a watch can be one tough decision to make. Whether you are trying to invest in an high-end watch like the  Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold which is sold for $46,300 or you are planning on getting a fancy low budget watch like, answering the question of how much is too much to spend on a watch can be quite difficult. Today, people around the world are quick to lambast huge spenders on watch because they believe spending heavily on a "pointless trinket" is definitely waste of money. Investing on a watch is definitely a great idea, but before you bring out the credit card or cash to pay for that fancy Gucci G-Frame" Stainless Steel Diamond-Accented Women's watch, certain factors should be in place.

  • Decide on the specific watch by falling in love with it

This is one aspect that a lot of people intending to purchase a luxury watch fail to understand. Buying a luxury watch needs not just critical thinking but also needs you to fall in love with that watch before pulling out the chequebook. Whether you intend to purchase a vintage watch like the 1790 Heuer Carrera Caliber 11 or maybe something fancy like the Bulova Women's Crystal Stainless Steel Mother Of Pearl, there has to be a sort of romance before buying. Watches are personal items, so before spending money on them, there has to be some sort of personal connection.

  • Your budget

After creating a connection with that special watch, the next question that needs an answer is the question of, what is my budget? The answer to this question is usually what determines how much you can spend and the type of watch to invest in without breaking the bank. It is usually advisable to find a price range for watches that are within your budget. Fashion websites like realforless offers quality and fancy wristwatches from $20 and above. This allows you to always find a fancy wristwatch that suits your style and also at the same time your budget. It will be so unwise for you to be planning to buy an IWC Portugieser Automatic watch when your budget is just $600. So, therefore it is wise to spend a maximum of a month salary when trying to invest in a watch.

  • Find Out Your Style

Certain watches compliment certain styles better. Before you invest a lot of money on a watch, you must be able to understand what is truly your fashion style. If you tend to wear suits every day, getting something a bit fancier like the ESQ by Movado Catalyst Men's Watch would be a perfect fit, but if you are more of an outdoor person, wear a heftier watch like TW Steel Men's David Coulthard Limited edition wouldn't be a bad idea. Watches tend to tell a lot about your personality, so it is always advisable that your wristwatch tells show your style and your personality.


While nobody may be able to tell you how much cash to spend on a wristwatch when trying to invest for a good one, understanding your budget, your passion, resale value and also how it suits your style is one of the many ways to know if the wristwatch is worth investing a certain amount of money for it.