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Shopping for a Diver Watch

Shopping for a Diver Watch


With the wristwatch world flooded with a gamut of diver watches which are available in different sizes, styles, colours and shapes. It is not a thing of a surprise anymore to find a mimic version of a popular luxury diver watch being sold for $30- $60 in the market. This has made the buying of a great diver watch quite a difficult task for a novice. To purchase a great diver watch, certain thing/properties must be in place. These properties may differ from one diver watch brand from the other. They are;

  • A Diver Watch Must Be Water Resistant

This is the first and major requirement that must be present before a watch can be considered as a diver watch. A great diver watch must be resistant to water even when the user is under the water at 200m depth. One great type of diver watch that offers such is the  TW Steel's Grandeur Diver available on Realforless. Another property that you should look out for when trying to purchase a diver watch is the body of the watch. A great diver watch is made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel or titanium. This is important because it enables the watch to withstand the intense pressure applied against it when used under water.


  • A Great Diver Watch Should Offer Clarity & Illumination

It is a known fact that under the water can be dark and so, therefore, it can be quite difficult to see the information in your wristwatch. A great diver watch should be able to offer clear legibility and easy to read. The various hands and markers should be bold, and also the dials come with a lasting lume.


  • A Great Diver Watch Must Have A Bezel

A bezel is usually a ring marked with timing which are usually in minutes and easily rotates around the face of the watch. This is a great feature of a diver watch because it helps the show the users dive time without having to calculate it. The bezel is always on a ratchet, so if you knock it, you can only overestimate your dive time (which is much less dangerous than underestimating it for obvious reasons). This is more of security feature which is a must have for a diver watch to be considered great.


  • A Good Diver Watch Must Have A Comfortable Strap

While this may be a personal decision based on strap preference, it is advisable that a good diver watch should come with a comfortable strap and also look great. One important aspect to note when trying to purchase a diver watch is the length of the strap. The strap should be long enough to wrap around your arm or wrist even when you are wearing your dive suits. If you plan on using your diver watch both in water and on land, it is of great importance that you get a strap or bracelet that will allow for such usage.